1620 San Carlos Avenue, San Carlos, CA 94070

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Our office is specifically built for our dermatology patients, conveniently located in downtown San Carlos.

Peninsula Animal Dermatology (PAD), Inc. is a veterinary specialty practice for dogs and cats. Its mission is to define, treat and manage dermatologic problems based on your individual animal's needs as well as your interests. We provide care for your dog or cat in an environment that is comfortable for both you and your pet in our Mid-Peninsula California location.

Many of the skin conditions we treat manifest as itchiness, poor hair coat, ear problems or hair loss. Most dermatological problems are lifelong conditions. Proper management of the disorder or the allergy can be beneficial in achieving a comfort level that creates both happy pets and clients.

We welcome your input regarding diagnostic choices and treatment options. We work with you to find solutions that meet your needs. Most patients find good control by working closely with our office and your regular veterinarian.

Peninsula Animal Dermatology, Inc. serves veterinarians and pet owners/guardians in the San Francisco Bay area. The dermatologists at PAD have been practicing dermatology on the Peninsula since 1998.

Our trained staff is available to serve you and your pet and we look forward to meeting you.